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The resplendent tropical island of Sri Lanka is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Few countries pack so much variety into such a small geographical space: stunning beaches, awe-inspiring hill country, wildlife parks, ancient cities, world heritage sites. Indulge in the delightful local cuisine and choose from a range of accommodations to suit your preferences. At Discover Eden Holidays, we are committed to understanding your idea of a perfect Sri Lanka holiday – what you love to do, where you would like to stay and how much you want to travel around the island. Choose a tailor-made Sri Lanka holiday,or one of our specialised Sri Lanka tours. Whatever your budget, we deliver a caring personal service and highly-competitive prices.Start planning your dream vacation now!

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Exclusive Tour Packages from Discover Eden Holidays with unique travel experiences is reflected in these specially crafted tour packages, designed to immerse you in the beauty of Sri Lanka, while ensuring unparalleled comfort and peace of mind. Whether you’re seeking the tranquillity of tropical localities, immersive engagement of cultural and aesthetic exploration, the thrill of an adventure tour, our exclusive roundtrip tours will cater to your wanderlust.

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Explore the wonders of Sri Lanka with Discover Eden Holidays, where our expertise in crafting exceptional holidays has made us synonymous with unforgettable travel experiences. Delve into the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, a captivating island that boasts an abundance of diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. Whether you crave the allure of pristine beaches, yearn for exhilarating treks through lush hill country, or seek to unravel the mysteries of ancient cities, Sri Lanka promises boundless delights. Embrace the island’s warm hospitality and immerse yourself in a journey filled with endless possibilities. Discover true contentment as you embark on an adventure tailored to your interests and desires with Discover Eden Holidays.

Featured Hotel - Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sigiriya

Infused with eco friendly, sustainable modern design, Jetwing Vil Uyana is nestled deep in the heart of the island paradise of Sri Lanka incorporating five main ecological zones from forests to marshes. It is a retreat perfect for tranquility seekers or for those who wish to be close to the island’s rich array of flora and fauna. The challenge of introducing a wetland system on reclaimed agricultural lands provides the unique backdrop for this exciting property. A strong ‘back to nature’ theme pervades your every moment at Jetwing Vil Uyana and the uniqueness of the experience is unforgettable.

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Carefully crafted holiday packages with the best tour inclusions ensures your holiday is hassle free, from airport till point of departure. Planning is done at every stage so that you receive best travel experiences.


You will indulge in the best of comforts in tried and tested places of accommodation thus feeling a sense of luxury.


Our experienced travel guides will make your journey enjoyable indulging you in sense of “local flavour” in every stage of the itinerary. You will also have ample time to explore surroundings and take up optional tours at your pace.


Our tour packages are tailor made to suit your requirements. Be it exploring, trekking, embarking on safaris, we will craft the tour as per your requirement.

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