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Travel Sustainability & Responsible Tourism


Discover Eden Holidays strongly believes in responsible tourism and has promoted it right from the start. We aim to minimize the negative environmental impacts of the travel business and make positive contributions to the conservation of biodiversity, and natural and human heritage. We also believe in tourism that respects culture and traditions, and fosters greater understanding between travelers and hosts.

Our commitment to fair treatment and economic empowerment includes paying fair wages to our suppliers, including local businesses at tour destinations. We prioritize respecting and updating our knowledge of customs, habits, and cultures at visited destinations to ensure our presence does not offend locals. Moreover, we strive to ensure local communities benefit economically from tourism by employing them as tour leaders and guides, and patronizing local establishments.

At Discover Eden Holidays, our dedication to eco-friendly practices is unwavering. In Sri Lanka, we actively promote sustainable travel to safeguard the island from the adverse social and environmental impacts of tourism. Through eliminating plastic bottles from our tours and encouraging clients to adopt sustainable habits like opting for electronic itineraries and offsetting carbon emissions from flights, we empower travelers to make responsible choices. Additionally, we support initiatives that give back to local communities and conserve Sri Lanka’s wildlife, ensuring our tours contribute positively to our country’s well-being.