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Ayubowan!! May you live longer!
The traditional greeting in Sri Lanka

Embark on a transformative journey of discovery with Discover Eden Holidays, where we go beyond traditional tourism to create unparalleled and unforgettable holiday experiences in Sri Lanka. We not only provide experiences, but also promote sustainable and responsible travel practices that benefit local communities and preserve the natural environment.


As a locally-based company in Colombo, Discover Eden Holidays is deeply committed to personalized service and exceptional value for money. We believe in letting go of the hassle and uncertainty that often comes with travel, and instead, we ensure peace of mind through our proven professionalism and fair booking conditions.


With meticulously curated itineraries that embrace transformative experiences, we offer a comprehensive selection of accommodations and activities to suit every budget and preference. Our chauffeur-guides, who are regarded as the finest in the country, ensure seamless travel experiences and provide unparalleled insight into Sri Lanka’s rich culture and heritage. Additionally, our qualified tour guides are passionate ambassadors of Sri Lanka, offering in-depth knowledge and fostering a genuine connection to the island’s history, customs, and wildlife.


At Discover Eden Holidays, we invite you to join us in experiencing the transformative power of travel. By choosing us, you not only discover your own paradise in Sri Lanka but also contribute to the sustainable development of local communities and the preservation of our natural wonders.


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“Discover Your Paradise in Sri Lanka”

Carefully crafted holiday packages with the best tour inclusions ensures your holiday is hassle free, from airport till point of departure. Planning is done at every stage so that you receive best travel experiences.


You will indulge in the best of comforts in tried and tested places of accommodation thus feeling a sense of luxury.


Our experienced travel guides will make your journey enjoyable indulging you in sense of “local flavour” in every stage of the itinerary. You will also have ample time to explore surroundings and take up optional tours at your pace.


Our tour packages are tailor made to suit your requirements. Be it exploring, trekking, embarking on safaris, we will craft the tour as per your requirement.

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Discover Your Paradise In Sri Lanka

Discover the breathtaking beauty of Sri Lanka with our easy and convenient trip planning services. Whether you need hassle-free transportation, user-friendly itineraries, or expert guides, we have got you covered. Plan your dream trip to Sri Lanka today!