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Maha Sivarathri

The Hindu festival of Maha Sivarathri, or “the great night of Siva”, is celebrated in late February or early March in Hindu homes and temples across the country. This is the most important religious event of the year for the “Shaivites”, who comprise the majority of Sri Lanka’s Hindus. It is a deeply symbolic occasion celebrating the charming of Lord Shiva by his consort Parvati through penance. Poojas are held at kovils during the day and can be witnessed by visitors, and every Hindu household keeps an all-night vigil.


Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims; they fast daily for the complete month of Ramzan worldwide. Ramadan 1446 Hijri starts on 12 March 2024 in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world observing the Saudi lunar calendar. However, the exact date of Ramzan depends on the sighting of the moon announced by the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee.